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See local

Posted by shermancharles on March 19, 2008

© Rachel Mackow

I went to a local photography gallery in Hopewell, NJ [] this past weekend to see some work by a few local photographers. While there I grabbed a postcard off a stack lying on a small corner table. The front cover was a beautiful black and white photograph of a forest setting. Wonderful, image titled – “Black cohosh in Fog”. Flipping the card over I learned that it was taken in The Sourland Mountain Reserve in Somerset county. A short 10 minute drive from my house. That evening I logged on to the photographer’s website to view the rest of the portfolio from that series. I was really amazed. I have hiked through the Sourlands often, and always thought it would be an interesting place to photograph but never go around to it. Also I never decided on the approach that I would take. I must say that I was very inspired by what the photographer, Rachel Mackow, had done.

So the moral of this story is to see local. Look around you. Some of us sit around wishing we could travel to exotic locations, and photograph interesting places and people. We may find ourselves very surprised at what lies right around our corner. Develop your creativity to be inspired by the commonplace and find the stories that are right underneath your nose.


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Posted by shermancharles on January 28, 2008

© Sherman Charles

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Photography in New Jersey

Posted by shermancharles on December 11, 2007

Photography and related exhibitions currently happening in New Jersey.

Montclaire Art Museum

Dulce Pinzón: The Real Stories of the Superheroes
September 16, 2007 – January, 2008

Newark Museum

INDIA: Public Places, Private Spaces: Contemporary Photography and Video Art
Now – January 6, 2008
Comprised of over 100 works that vividly reflect the interior and exterior realities of today’s India.

Princeton University Art Museum

Beloved Daughters
Photographs by Fazal Sheikh
Sep. 29 – January 6, 2008

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Telling Stories (shooting projects)

Posted by shermancharles on September 20, 2007

© Sherman Charles

Lately I’ve been thinking about photographing in a narrative sense. Trying to tell a specific story with the pictures that I take. Right now that means shooting a number of images centered around a particular subject. It makes photography more interesting to me. Gives it a purpose and a discipline. When I review the photographs I ask the question – “Do these add anything to the story?” “Do they strengthen or weaken the portfolio I’ve built around this particular topic?”

Working this way has helped me to shoot with more of a purpose. For the frames that I take or about to take I ask myself what is interesting about this picture that I am willing to take it. If someone looks at this picture, what are they getting out of it? What can they say about it? Does this picture stand out on it’s own for any reason? After awhile it becomes a subconscious thing. And then there are times that I take a picture, I like it, but I don’t know why. For those I have to wait. I know the answer will come to me sometime.

Ultimately I see it as really developing your eye and being able to ask some honest questions about the work that you’re doing. It’s a slow process. Definitely not the click click click of the digital age. But I think it’s a good thing. My hope and feeling is that it will strengthen my own work and lead me to develop my style. I think that is how a photographer/artist stops being a trend follower and really starts producing.

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