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Fazal Sheikh Exhibit

Posted by shermancharles on October 29, 2007

© Fazal Sheikh

If you’re near Princeton University anytime soon check out the exhibition of Fazal Sheikh’s work at the Princeton Art Museum . Incredibly sad, tragic and utterly beautiful at the same time.

Read more here


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Isabel Munoz

Posted by shermancharles on October 17, 2007

Photo is a French photography magazine that I peruse through and sometimes purchase at my local b&n. My French is pretty terrible so I can’t read/understand most of the content. The photographs however: wow. Amazing. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that it usually publishes images that would not normally be published in an American mag.

This issue highlighted a project by the Spanish photographer Isabel Munoz . Isabel is a very talented artist whose work I would best describe as fine art reportage. Her projects range from photographing Capoeira dancers of Brazil to remote tribes of southern Ethiopia. Her images have a strong, intimate detail to them. They contain a richness and presence that is hard to overlook. For this current Photo issue, she photographed members of the Mara Salvatrucha gangs (see cover image).

For more insight into her work read this article from lens culture. On the very bottom of that page is an audio link where she describes her working process.

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New portfolio website

Posted by shermancharles on October 7, 2007

I have finally launched my new website – Since I have started an official website a little over a year ago I have launched at least 4 separate versions. I can never seem to be satisfied with my site. I find myself asking the same questions:

Are the images loading fast enough? Does it look professional? Do I look professional? Do my images “sell”?

I obsess over these question and many more as I view the site. I then come to the conclusion that my images are terrible and that is the main reason I do not like my website. I do not like my work. Then I read other photographer blogs, and speak with other artists and I learn a curious thing: many artists do not like their own work. We’re overly critical of ourselves. We are impatient. We compare ourselves to others and ask why does X’s work look/sound so much better than mine. I think it’s because of the fear of the one true thing. The fear and realization that no one can really “tell” you what to do. You can be guided, instructed, mentored ..but you cannot be told. You can copy the work of others, imitate style, read, study, stare. But ultimately that telling, the creation of your style, your work – is wholly your endeavor. It is a labor that only you can undergo. It is a deeply personal process, that is both painful and rewarding. And it is not easy. But it is worth it.

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